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Advanced Dissolution Media Degasser

Advanced Dissolution Media Degasser

The PreCiFill is Compact, Transportable and offers quick and easy preparation of up to 10 litres dissolution media in less than 15 minutes. In a single pass the media for dissolution tests can be precisely heated, degassed and filled gravimetrically into vessels. Foaming media like SDS (Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate) can also be used.

Integrated Dosing port: Optional Remote Filling Hand to fill the media Directly into the Dissolution Tester Vessel using Dedicated Switch FLUSH, START, STOP, WASH.

Smart Design: Microprocessor Controlled Touch Screen Display with Easy to use Interface allows User to Program Important Function like Heating , Vacuum Degassing.

Smart Sensor: Will detect the jars and Only Dispense Media only if Jar is placed in Position of Dispense.

In Line Heating: It Helps Avoid Time Delays associated with Conventional heating Method. The System is ready to prepare Media immediately upon on power up.

Piston Controlled Vacuum Chamberfor Highly Effective De-aeration and Precise Media Volume.

Variable Dispense Volumes: 200ml to 1000ml.

Dispensing Method:Volumetric and Gravimetric.

Validaon and Calibraon:Inbuilt for Temperature and Volume.

Designed to use with Surfactants and handle Frothing.