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Installation Diagram for AAS

Gas Purification Panel

Salient Features & Benefits :
  • Gas purification panel is used to remove the vapours impurities like Moisture, CO, CO2, Hydrocarbon from N20, Argon & Acetylene
  • Gas purification for AAS & ICP-MS is optional one can also use gas distribution panel instead of gas purification panel.
  • CE Certified
  • With Safety Acrylic Covers
  • Inlet & outlet connection: 1/4" or 1/2"

Air Compressors & Filters

Air Compressor Air / Moisture Filter (Manual/Auto)
  • AAS requires compressed Air supply of high flow rate which can be supplied by Air compressor which consist of 20 liter storage tank, pressure switch, safety valve, gauge & outlet valve etc.
  • Oilfree as well as Noiseless (Oil based) compressor are also available
  • Moisture free Air is must for RAS. Filter of 5 μ & 0.1μ which is to be attached after air compressor for the removal of Moisture, oil, dust and mist particles.
  • There are two types of Air Filters available, manual drain & automatic drain.
Applications :
  • Moisture removal
  • Filter type molecular sieves & alumina filter
  • Max. inlet importing level : 20 ppm
  • Outlet : < 3 ppm
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