PCI Analytics Pvt . Ltd.

Advanced Sonicator With Chiller, HMI & Printer

Technical Specifications :
  • Fully S.S. Body & S.S. Tank
  • Digital, Micro controller based timer
  • Operating frequency 33 +/-3 KHz
  • Compact, rugged and highly durable systems
  • With Standard supply of lid, basket etc.
  • P S & P mode-Pulse sweep power for uniform distribution of ultrasonic energy
  • Transducers- PZT type bonded to the bottom of the tank (Imported make) with weld bond technique.
  • Auto degassing present 5 minutes for ultrasonic tank
  • Ultrasonic Generator power supply through advanced IGBT based SMPS.
  • Temperature controller- Digital temperature controller with setting range 10°C to room temperature max 35°C
  • Puff solution - Puff solution covered out side of the tank to safe guard the transducer & maintain the water temperature.
Including chiller unit consist of :
  • Digital temperature controller & PT 100 sensor
  • Compressor power - 450/535W
  • Compressor capacity - 926/1077 kcal/h
  • Compressor type - Hermatically sealed gas compressor
  • Data Ouput
  • Printing Facility
  • Alarm, Water level Sensor

Ultrasonic breakdown (main PCB board) indication on front panel

Capacity of Bath : Min. 10 ltr. & above