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Hydrogen Gas Generator

Flow Diagram of Hydrogen Generator
  • GC-FID & TCD
  • Hydrogen is produced in the PGH Series Hydrogen Generators by the most advanced electrolytic membrane technology.
  • The application of voltage across the electrolyte results in hydrolysis, breaking down the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which are separated by the gas permeable membrane.
  • Once separated, the hydrogen gas goes through a series of purification and moisture removal systems to achieve the desired level of purity while the oxygen gas is being discharged into the atmosphere.
  • Electrolytic membrane technology has its advantages over alternative hydrogen generating techniques as it is clean, requires less maintenance and there is no need to store chemicals to maintain operation.
  • Only pure double distilled water (initially some KOH), is required to provide trouble free long term operation.
  • Membrane separation is also less time consuming as only water is needed for routine maintenance.
  • Another model with no acid and alkaline solution (KOH & NaoH) is also available.
  • Seperate model of Hydrogen Generator (without KOH) with pressure upto 7 bar also available.
Salient Features :
  • Low working pressure & continuous UHP grade flow (99.999%)
  • Generate hydrogen with PEM technology
  • Generator has in built pressure switch which shuts off the generator in case of Over pressure built up.
  • Sleep mode in case no use of H2 gas.
  • Hydrogen leak detection facility inside the generator. (Optional)
  • Any leak detected will shut the system and hyrogen production is halted. (Optional)
  • Low Water Level Alarm (Optional)
Technical Specification :
  PGH-300 PGH-500 PGH-1000
Max Hydrogen Flowrate 300 ml/min 500 ml/min 1000 ml/min
Delivery Pressure 0-60 psig (0-0.4 Mpa)
Purity 99.999%
Power 198-242V (AC); 50Hz,1 Phase
Min/max Temperature 5-40°C
Suitable Environment non-corrosive and dust-free
Dimensions 420 X 210 X 350mm (LXWXH)
Weight 20 kg (approx)
Fluid Tank Capacity 3 Ltr.
Gas Outlet Port 1/8" OD

* Higher capacity model also available like 2 LPM & 3 LPM