PCI Analytics Pvt . Ltd.

Positive Pressure Processor for Solid Phase Extractions


Also Available Model SPE-48 & SPE-144 on request

Solid Phase Extraction is today’s chosen method of sample preparation across all Bio-Analytical and Bio-Equivalence studies Laboratories and even Food Assay Laboratories, Toxicological Testing Laboratories.

Several technique of speeding the sample preparation work have been designed and implemented, however the Positive Pressure Manifold for Solid Phase Extraction remain unmatched is speed, uniformity, ease of operation and convenience to the user. PCI Analytics positive pressure SPE-96 sample processor is 100% indigenously developed and successfully tested SPE Positive Pressure manifold that offers state-of-the-art operation for moving liquids through SPE-96 tube devices.

Each of the 96 holes in the processor manifold are restricted in order to maintain constant pressure, even if all the tube positions are not filled. SPE Sample processing by positive pressure significantly improves the flow of viscous samples like plasma / serum through SPE packed bed by providing highly uniform flow from tube to tube which will ultimately improve the reproducibility of analytes SPE recoveries.

Benefits of PCI Analytics SPE-96 Processor
  • PCI Analytics Positive Pressure Manifold offers more sample control over traditional vaccum manifolds, providing greater confidence in the data generated.
  • Easy to set-up and use : Only one gas source at all pressures. No training is required to operate.
  • Reproducible Extractions : Positive pressure fine regulators improve flow control, and reproducibility.
  • Inlet Gas Filter : Provides finely controlled Inlet Gas Flow without external contaminants.
  • Compact Design : Occupies less table space due to small footprint.